Holy Cow! Steak Ranch / American GrillWe would like to bring you the best of American tradition of great food served with loads o' warmth n'friendliness!

This is a place where anyone n' everyone can cozy up and unwind in a nice, comfy modern ranch style resto!

A place to meet with family n' friends, where you can enjoy all the great food we can offer, at pocket-friendly prices!

Our Pledge is Simple

We gear up towards makin' a little something out of our own, an' we swear with cowboys honor to keep the Wild West dining tradition of servin' good food ' round good company- never settling for second best!

Allow us to treat you to a sumptuous Western-style dining experience that' ll always keep yah comin' back for more!

We' re definitely proud to serve the best of American West to each an' every guest who walks in through our ranch!