History comes alive here!

Mouth-watering appetizers, scrumptious salads, superb soups, and of course, ours sinfully delicious desserts all lovingly prepared to enhance your main entree.

Splurge into a delighting steak experience plus a whole lot more American dishes that will truly satisfy your cravings!

Holy Cow! Howdy Starters HOWDY STARTERS

Holy Cow Quesadillas
Toasted flour tortilla filled with grilled steak, hot melt, and mozzarella cheese. Drizzled with garlic mayo and smoky barbeque sauce. Truly breathtaking! The taste is really a Holy Cow!

Buffalo Bill Wings
Home of the original and famous Buffalo wings! These fried chicken wings are shuffled in chili sauce perfect with bleu cheese. Experience this appetizing sensation!

BBQ Calamarings Overload
The hottest craze in Holy Cow, these crunchy squid rings are deep- fried to golden brown served with ranch dressing. Truly extraordinarily delicious!

Coosie’s Chicken ‘n Fries Starter
Crunchy deep-fried breaded chicken combined with barbeque flavored fries served with trio- mushroom gravy. A sure fire starter for an ultimate cowboy dining!

Cowboy Combo Platter
A variety of breaded chicken tenders, onion rings, calamarings and barbecue flavored fries oozing with crispiness and flavors. A perfect way to shoot up your appetite!

Cheese Sticks Grande
A perfect to nibble appetizer, these cheese sticks are golden brown uniquely “sky-scraper” served with sweet tangy garlic mayo. A hearty hors d’oeuvre that can be gobbled up in a flash!

Onion Rings ‘n Fries
Lotsa’ goodness of fries and onion rings in one hefty starter. A winning combination of deep-fried crunchy fries and onion rings served with ranch dressing.

FRESH HOT SOUPS Holy Cow! Fresh Hot Soups

Creamy Clam Chowder
A popular and perfect soup to enjoy, this creamy soup – loaded with clams is served with garlic French bread. This level of perfection raises the bar!

County Mushroom Soup
A very tasty creamy fresh mushroom soup paired with garlic French bread. An ideal, real cream of mushroom soup!

Pumpkin Soup
Jump- start your meal with this unique and velvety pumpkin soup. This lightly sweet creamy soup with croutons and bacon bits comes with garlic French bread. Definitely, a signature soup that will warm – up your appetite!

HEALTHY BUFF SALADS Holy Cow! Healthy Buff Salad

Fruits of the Loom Salad (Solo or Regular)
A hefty serving of garden fresh greens and choices of fruits (grape fruit, orange, grape, ponkan, and pear) drizzled with lemon sake dressing and honey coriander vinaigrette. Truly, your desire!

Cobb Caesar Salad (Solo or regular)
Strips of grilled chicken breast with crisp cold lettuce sprinkled with parmesan cheese and croutons tossed with tangy Caesar dressing. Truly a palate – stimulating, grand experience salad!

Rodeo Rip-Roarin’ Salad(Solo or regular)
An overload of mixed greens topped with chicken, mangoes, grapes, tomatoes and walnuts in garlic and onion mayo dressing! A lip-smacking indulgence…less the guilt!

PASTA CHAMPS Holy Cow! Pasta Champs

Award Winning Pasta Ala Pesto
Lock in your crave! Spaghetti pasta with nutty pesto sauces and button mushroom topped with parmesan cheese. The highest quality pasta experience!

Superb Creamy Cheesy Carbonara
Trap your hunger! Linguine pasta sautéed with smoked bacon and our special carbonara sauce. Topped with hot melt cheese. Savor the ultimate pasta excellence!

Amazing Spaghetti
Catch your appetite! Spaghetti served with perfect meat sauce topped with hot melt cheese. The most amazing pasta Holy Cow has ever created!

All Star Spaghetti Marinara
Get what you want! Spaghetti in marinara sauce, loaded with fish fillet, New Zealand mussel, farmed clams, squid and prawn. Premium pasta perfection of the sea!

RANCH ALL TIME FAVORITESHoly Cow! Ranch All Time Favorites

Tender-off-the - Bone Baby Back Ribs
Tender pork ribs, seasoned and char – boiled to perfection, glazed with hickory barbeque sauce. You might fall of your seat!

Lone star Grilled Pork Chop
Two pieces, tender pork chop delicately marinated and grilled. Best served with red wine gravy. Undeniably, flavorful. First class, First – rate!

Fillet Mignon Steak
An ultimate dish made from the tenderest cut of beef that has melt in the mouth texture. Flavored with scrumptious marinade and spices for a perfect feel good dining!

Wild Wild West Chicken BBQ
The Wild Western’s pride! Grilled half chicken, flavored with special marinade and spices, cooked until tender and savory. Served with crunchy veggies that is good enough to share.

Yummy Fish and Fries
Loads of specially flavored fish fillet with black sesame seeds, perfect with seasoned potato chips, and sweet tangy garlic mayo dip on the side. This allows you to totally enjoy the true fresh flavors of fish fillet! Yummy!

Captain Grilled Salmon
Fresh Atlantic Norwegian salmon, freshly marinated with citrus juices, canola oil and rich wine. Your perfect partner after a hard day’s work! Served with garlic rice and buttered veggies.


Howdy Hungree’ Sausage
Hunger buster meal with grilled Hungarian sausage oozing with flavor and aroma perfectly complemented with garlic rice and crunchy buttered veggies!

Bean Masters’ Honey Lemon Chicken
Savory and juicy honey lemon chicken quarter specially served with garlic rice and crunchy buttered veggies. An all new sweet-style treat for a classic favorite!

Beer Battered Rodeo Fish Fillet
Crunchy fish fillet with a hint of spirituous taste of beer sans its alcoholic effect! Splattered with white creamy sauce served with garlic rice and buttered veggies. An awesome treat for all!

Ranch Style Grilled Chicken Fillet
Grilled tender chicken fillet drizzled with trio mushroom gravy for an ultimate chicken treat complemented with garlic rice and buttered veggies!

Country’s Pride Parmesan Chicken
A mouthwatering chicken breast fillet enveloped in parmesan batter! Lusciously served with peppered cream sauce with side order of garlic rice and buttered veggies. A “must try” to gratify your yearning!

Cowboy Ranch Style Porkchop (Cook it yourself)
Try the incredibly tender pork chop richly sauteed in butter! Prepared with trio-mushroom gravy, garlic rice and buttered veggies.

Cowboy Ranch Style Beef Strips (Cook it yourself)
Savor these fine tender slices of imported US beef luxuriously spooned up with peppered gravy. Served with plain white rice and buttered veggies. The kind of dish that’ll make you crave for more!

Cowboy Ranch Style Burgersteak (Cook it yourself)
Lush and juicy burger patty prosperously enwrapped with mushroom gravy sauce! Perfectly served with garlic rice and crunchy buttered veggies for that exquisite dining experience. We guarantee you its one of the best in the ranch!

LEGENDARY STEAKS SELECTION Holy Cow! Legendary Steak Selection

The Blade Steak
US choice meat seasoned and char – grilled to your taste. Super-rich meal you will surely crave for more!

Famous Rib - Eye Steak
Juicy and well marbled US Beef – Angus Rib Eye. Seasoned and grilled to perfection. You will truly love it!

Chief Pot Roast Beef
US choice top blade slowly pot roasted to tenderness and pan cooked with special recipe of spicy peppercorn gravy. Truly, unmatched! Extraordinary meal only for you.


Ocean Treasure
Loads’ o goodness of fresh seafood selection of grilled prawns, cream dory and calamarings served with rice, vegetables, fries and Coke drinks!

All Meat Set
Protein rich combination of grilled honey-lemon chicken, baby back ribs and pork chops served with rice, vegetables, fries and Coke drinks!


Served with your choice of two side dishes (all steaks are served in 150 g)

Holy Cow! Boots and Saddle

Ranch Steak & Prawn
Surely a delight! Grilled imported steak paired with black tiger prawn. Served with trio mushroom gravy, lemon chili pepper and lemon wedge. Hail to mighty steak and prawn!

Ranch Steak & Fish
Twin treats! Grilled steak paired with tasty fried fish fillet, dredged with sesame seeds. Served with trio mushroom gravy, and lemon chili pepper. An awesome treat for you!

Ranch Steak & Chops
A great combination of beef steak and pork both marinated and grilled. Served with roasted apple and trio mushroom gravy. Your perfect partner! The best and finest in quality taste!

Ranch Steak & Chicken
Grilled steak combined with tender sweet- hickory barbeque chicken. Served with trio mushroom gravy and barbeque sauce. Superbly amazing duo combo!

Ranch Steak & Ribs
An overdose of meaty goodness of grilled steak and ribs. Marinated and seasoned for a perfect combination. Served with trio-mushroom gravy!

RANGER BURGER AND SANDWICHES Holy Cow! Ranger Burger and Sandwiches

Juicy Melty Beefy Burger
Juicy beef patty with chunks of cheddar cheese inside, dressed with lettuce, tomatoes, onion and honey – mustard dressing. Truly the best and the cheesiest beef burger!

Motherload Beef Burger
Tempting, delicious half- pounder beef patty stuffed with chunks of cheddar cheese, bacon and mushroom perfect with lettuce, tomatoes, onion and dressing. The greatest beef burger in the town!

Longhorn Steak Sandwich (ciabatta Bread)
Grilled steak, spicy peppercorn gravy, served with potato ribbons and dressed with lettuce, tomatoes, onion and delicious dressing. The Ultimate and extreme burger there is!

Buffalo Chicken Burger
Bite an exciting burger snack with breaded chicken fillet shuffled in chili sauce on a bed of lettuce served with barbeque flavored fries.


Cowboy Burger n’ Chix
A hefty snack to munch with our very own crunchy breaded fried chicken combined with our mini burgers filled with juicy patty and chunky veggie with an additional barbeque flavored fries for that snack overdose!

Fried Chicken n’ Rice
Deep fried breaded chicken served with steamed rice. Kids will surely love the crunchy and juicy chicken served with gravy!

Kidstuff Fave (Spaghetti with Fried Chicken)
“All times” favorite for the young ones! Sweet style spaghetti and crunchy chicken, served with our ranch –style gravy. Your all time unbeatable meal!

SWEET TEMPTATION Holy Cow! Sweet Temptation

Choco Oatmeal Cookie Ala mode
Moist and soft oatmeal cookies topped with three mini scoops of vanilla ice cream! A combination of creamy and fiber goodness in one dessert!

Peak Brownie ala Mode
Sumptuous, warm chocolate – cashew brownie, topped with creamy vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup. Delightful! Perfect for any celebration!

New York Cheese Cake
Inviting.. tempting! This New York cheesecake will give you a superb dessert indulgence for sure. Perfect with your choice of toppings, either strawberry or blueberry.


Rootbeer Float
Thrilling taste of root beer served with a special twist of vanilla ice cream

Dusky Soda Punch
Refreshingly blended soda drink with pineapple, orange, and lemon for great citrus taste sweetened with strawberry syrup. For the savvy, people –on-the-go.

Wrangler's Shake
Lip-shacking creamy shake made of the bananas and strawberry fruit, mixed with pineapple and orange juice. A nutrient – dense shake loved by every one!

Cowpokes Choco Milk shake
Trio chocolate milk shake with luscious cinnamon.

Citrus Black Tea
Refreshingly brewed Ceylon tea terrific with citrus fruit extract. A change from the ordinary. Truly healthy and tasty!



Coke Zero
Café Latte

San Mig Light

Bottled Water